Chap Mei
CM comes in two sizes; foals and adults. They are all unicorns.
All adults have a saddle with wings and a neckring in matching colors. Some also have crowns, that you put on the unicorn horn. Bangs are molded in the same color as their coats, but their tails and rest of the mane are brushable, often curls.
The foals neckring is molded on, but they do come with differently colored saddles that are removable. Their manes are molded, but the tails are brushable.
A note on the saddles and neckrings; the color, the metallic paint, run off, so be careful when storing and displaying them not to touch each other or other ponies.


The one in the middle is a copy. It doesn't have the signature Chap Mei marked under her hoof, plus that the hearts and hooves are painted. The hair comes off as well, and the plastic is more squishy.
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Image by RinLin